About Us

Vanward Consulting Group is an IT consulting firm specializing in providing innovative outcomes to drive organizations forward. Our main focus is on SAP implementations and delivering advanced solutions and services to different organizations across multiple industries.

We guide our customers through their business transformation, as they implement new, innovative strategies. We deliver strategy, industry-specific solutions to meet the needs of all our customers.

Josh Cook – President / Founder

Here’s How WE Can Help

ERP solutions are the core of business IT systems. Implementations, enhancements, and process optimizations are key areas of our business. All services offered focus on end-to-end processes throughout your implementation strategy. This approach enables standardized processes and synchronization throughout your enterprise structure.

With our services, businesses improve operational efficiency and productivity of operations within and beyond the enterprise. Our services help businesses simplify access, streamline processes, and improve workflow, thus boosting overall organization efficiency.

Why Choose Us

  • Multiple S/4 HANA and Central Finance Successful Go-Lives
  • Consultants worked exclusively with the Big 5 SAP Consulting firms
  • Solution-focused consultants willing to drive companies to success
  • Creative thinkers working to solve problems while remaining customer oriented
  • Expert communicators with a knack for decision making

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Feel free to get in touch. Our staff will be glad to help you. Reach out to us for any suggestion or query you have.